Round Oak understands the environmental risks associated with its activities and will:

  • Comply with all relevant international standards, legislation and obligations
  • Nurture a culture of environmental responsibility
  • Encourage workforce participation and accountability
  • Undertake training and awareness that promotes good environmental practices
  • Implement mine closure planning and progressive rehabilitation
  • Strive to conserve local biodiversity
  • Improve efficiencies in consumption, wastes and emissions
  • Maintain environmental management systems

We take seriously the management of tailings and regularly review the performance, management and risks accordingly.



Round Oak is committed to good corporate citizenship and delivering sustainable economic growth to our community partners within the regions in which we operate.

We actively consult with our community partners, Indigenous peoples and relevant authorities to assess and mitigate impacts from proposed activities.

We engage and consult with communities, landowners and stakeholders in areas impacted by operations and strive to achieve positive mutually beneficial outcomes. We also provide training to employees to improve their awareness of their role in achieving community and social responsibility targets.

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investment and partnerships

Round Oak strives to act in a socially responsible manner at all times, whilst continuing to ensure our operations remain viable and continue to achieve the best investment outcomes.

We are committed to positively contributing to our local communities not only through direct employment opportunities but also through active community engagement providing ongoing sponsorship of social development projects.

Whilst we understand that to be successful we often need to develop partnerships with other organisations to ensure we maintain the correct investment balance in our assets, where possible we strive to engage local businesses for the sustainable sourcing of goods and services.

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